stoltz winery

open friday, saturday, and sunday, noon to five

wine handmade in an unusual place

One Barrel at a Time

Stoltz Vineyards is a winery and négociant in downtown Hood River producing single barrel lots of Pinot noir and Chardonnay as well as exclusive blends and unique varietal wines such as Fernão Pires, Zweigelt, and others. Every bottle of our limited production wine is handcrafted and has a story to tell.

The winery and tasting room offer amazing panoramic views of the Columbia Gorge from the town’s oldest house still standing, called the ‘Mansion on the Hill’ (1886). Before conversion into our winery, the building was a mortuary for 45 years. This historic place is well preserved and centrally located at state and sixth, next to the park and library with access to plenty of parking.



Our winery is in the oldest house in town. The Victorian mansion was constructed  in 1886 for Ezra and Georgiana Smith. A well to do banker, politician, and environmentalist, Ezra found early success as one of our areas first  successful orchardists. He also collaborated for the first bank in Hood River,  was elected to the Oregon House of  Representatives and oversaw the construction of a few historic buildings in early Hood River.



Oldest House in Town

The building was subsequently acquired by CC Anderson in 1922. Anderson Funeral Home installed a steam powered body lift, cadaver laboratory, and other parts for their operations. The large basement and natural low temperature served well in hosting Hood River's deceased.  The burial in the garage only adds to the spooky charm of the Hood River's oldest house!



The Role of Hands

All of our wine is hand bottled  on a barrel to barrel basis. 

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